About Us

About Us

Happiness is your Birth right

Clear and Recharge Your Mind,Body & Spirit as you listen and feel the scared vibration of Gong

Expand your relationship with healing and harmonic resonance of the Gong in a way that transformation yet liberating,playful & creative.

We provide Yoga Classes Business Bay, Dubai. Come Visit us today!

Dhyana Yoga and Pilates Studio situated at Business Bay in Dubai opened it’s doors with the vision to create a healing community, allowing the gift of yoga to be accessible to everyone, for both teacher and student.

We are here to help to educate, inspire, and support individual growth and maintenance of optimal health and well-being.
Regina Is the founder and owner of Dhyana Yoga & Pilates Studio.

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The main reason to maintain health and wellness

Good for Health

Yoga Fit is where you can find balance, harmony and energy. Yoga Fit is where you can find balance,

Good for Body

Yoga Fit is where you can gain balance of metabolism. Maintain healthy weight, beautiful

Good for Cardio

Yoga Fit improves blood circulation and decreases blood pressure of the body. A lower pulse rate helps

Good for Breathing

Yoga Fit improves your respiratory by helping your lungs work more efficiently. Breathing excercises are

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