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End of the Year Art & Meditation

2018 draws to a close and it's the best time to reflect on the year in review. It certainly has been a roller coaster 12 months, hasn't it? Closing out the year is very important for us to have a smooth transition into the new year so here we go..let's have some fun with art, music and meditation. This workshop invites you to consider the losses and gains of this year and set your new year's resolution through Mandala making. The creative process of mandala making is an effective tool that entails several layers of emotional discovery through its subtlety and simplicity. The purpose behind this workshop might perhaps be to discover your artistic side, but more importantly to allow you to discover and express without any...

Inner Child

Inner Child work helps to reconnect with your God - Like Inner Self . Which is all Embracing ,Loving Caring,Creative and Joyful. We become wounded by either pleasing or demanding from our parents,friends,partners and finally our children for their love and affection. Social and Family pressure as well as traumatic incidents of our Life a deep impact on our Innermost Self which affects all areas of our Life : Physical,Emotinal,Financial,Mental and even Sexsual and Spiritual. This Healing Work Focuses on any such experience which have disrupted our True Nature and crubed it from attaining its Highest Potential. Regain that Lost Self Worth and Confidence by releasing feelings of Shame,Regret,Guilt and Anger . Which could otherwise lead to Depression,IInessess,Anxiety,Self Limiting Beliefs ,Trust Issues or Negative Thought Patterns and a Disconnectedness...