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Happy Hips

Modern day sedentary lifestyle has increased the stiffness and shortening of hip flexors at the front of the hips and has also increased tightness of the hip rotators. And this is causing discomfort, lack of lubrication to the joints, misalignment of pelvis and hips and over arching of lower back. Benefits Come! Join us to.. - Ease stiff hips - Release stress and tension on spine - increase flexibility - create space for generation of new ideas and pathways When : 5th Oct @ 3pm to 5 pm Pricing for workshop : Non member regular price 210 dhs Non member early bird 157.50 Member early bird 105 Member regular price 157.50 RSVP 056 137 0042 / 0455 157 27  ...

Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway

What are your biggest fears? Are you afraid of what people might think or say about you? Are you afraid of not meeting expectations? Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of not fulfilling your dreams? Are you afraid of getting hurt? Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of losing loved ones? Whatever your fear, here is you chance to feel the fear and do it anyway! Workshop Description: ---------------------------- Fear is part of our genetic make up. We are human so we have fear. If we did know know fear then we would not know love. But, if we suppress our fear, if we ignore it, it will bubble up into a big ballon that clouds our judgements and gets in the way of your choices. You will live a small...