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Community Yoga Event

Community Free Event We are extremely Happy to Collaborate with Dubai Loves Yoga for the Community Yoga. Following is the schedule of Event - 10 am - 11 am Registration &  Educational Workshop by ZEROWASTE ( - 11.30 am -12.30 pm Maya Zgazivoda Class (Vinyasa Flow)  - 13:00 pm -14:00 pm Sound Healing Meditation by Awakening Prema ( - 14:00 pm Mingle with the yoga community Sponsored Partners - Dubai Loves Yoga (Organisers) ( - Palm Dream - Eat Clean with Healthy Snacks - Yogalife with free magazines - Nook - The Concious Palm Tree Charges : Complimentary Limited Slots Available RSVP : 0561370042 /

PRANA NIDRA (Advanced Yoga Nidra with Prana Work)

PRANA NIDRA is a Tantra & Yoga practice that involves relaxing in Yoga Nidra and then working within Pranamaya Kosha. We become sensitive to the flow of Prana - working between the levels of Body & Mind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PRANA is the Life Force that permeates everything in the Universe! We too are animated by PRANA - and we often think of ourselves as ENERGY. YOGIS have studied PRANA in great depth; and our Energetic Anatomy which involves the Chakras and Nadis. ------------------------- Workshop Key Learnings: + The Conscious, sub-Conscious and Unconscious; and how Yoga Nidra works. + Understanding and Learning how to relax through the systematic process of Yoga Nidra. + Learn about your Pranamaya KOSHA, CHAKRAS & NADI System and the 5 sub-Pranas. + Learn how to use PRANA NIDRA to enhance your...

Christmas Fun Pilates

Join us this Christmas for a Fun & Crazy Weekend. Dhyana is offering a fun filled Mat Pilates Class with our very own talented and yet beautiful Pilates Teacher Sirirat. Program Highlights  13:00 MAT Pilates Class (1 Hour) 14:00 Play Game to draw the prize to win free classes or discount for Pilates/ yoga classes. 14.30:Free Christmas lunch and Coffee or Tea include 21st December @ 13:00 to 14:30 RSVP : / 0561370042 Limited Slots Available.      ...