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Surya Kriya “Fire up the Sun within You”

Workshop by Isha Yoga Foundation "Surya" Means "Sun"and "Kriya"means "Inner Energy Process". Designed as a holistic process of Health,Wellness and Inner Wellbeing ,Surya Kriya is complete Spiritual Process by itself. Benefits Develops Mental Clarity and Focus. Remedies Weak Constitutions. Boosts Vigor and Vitality. Balance Harmonal Level in the Body. Prepares one for deeper states of Meditation. Date : 9th May (Thrusday) 18:30 pm to 20:30 pm. 10th May (Friday) 9:00 am to 11:00 am / 17:00 pm to 19:00 pm Teacher : Divya Khosla (Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher from II Foundation) Charges : AED 400 + VAT ( All 3 Sessions are Mandtory) Contact : 045515727/ 0561370042. Book : [hc-hmw snippet="Default-registration"]    ...