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Full Moon Transformation Sound Healing Meditation

Join us this Saturday July 28th for a very special  Full Moon Transformation Sound Healing Meditation . July’s Full Moon (Blood Moon) is going to be activating the energy of transformation, which means that you are going to be feeling the intense desire to change things in your life. Together with the Full moon energy and the healing power of the vibration of sound on our bodies we experience the height and depth of our souls using the professional singing bowls of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for therapeutic purpose. Harnessing the maverick energy of the Flower of Life & Sacred Earth Gongs to channel your creativity into clearing the way for your bountiful beautiful blissful projects and apply the OFF switch ...

You’re Invited: Join us for an ‘Arm Balancing’ workshop at Dhyana Dubai

Priced at just 90AED for 2 hours, this unique Arm Balancing workshop will help you to take your arm balance practice to the next level by discovering the correct methodology, under the guidance of Dhyana Dubai's very own Yoga expert Anand Shekhar. Anand will demonstrate how you don't need huge strength or years of practice to successfully master arm balances, and that the method is all about alignment integrity and compacity of different muscles and joints. This unique workshop will take place on October 14th between 1-3pm at Dhyana Dubai Fitness Studio. You will learn how to build strength and stability for poses like crow, side crow and kaundinyasan. You will also learn how to incorporate arm balances in regular vinyasa practices. Limited places are available, to book your...

Detox and Kriyas Dubai

Join us for a unique ‘Detox & Kriya Workshop’ this October at Dhyana Dubai

Join us for a detox workshop with Kriyas and Pranayama, which cleanses the body, rejuvenating your energy and metabolism. With Sneha Arora, yoga expert & consultant at Dhyana Dubai Fitness Studio on October 20th, 2017, from 11 am – 12.30. Yoga expert and consultant Sneha Arora will be teaching cleansing and detoxing yogic techniques through kriyas, which help in circulation of stored mucus and toxicity in the upper respiratory tract and nasal passage. Kriyas for the digestive system and gut malfunction will also be explored in this unique workshop. What? A 1.5-hour workshop exploring the practice of Kriyas, breathing techniques and ending with a small, rejuvenating meditation. Where? Dhyana Dubai Fitness Studio, Business Bay When? October 20th, 2017 from 11:00 am until 12:30. How much? 100AED How do I book? Email...