Sneha Started her journey as a Yoga Practitioner 12 years ago, on the persuaion of her guru, who wanted her to be a singer with a yogic temprament. In the process, Yoga became a way of life, and today conducting Kirtans and teaching Yoga of various styles has become her forte. 

Having expertise in teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal and Kids Yoga, she breaks down the practise, by taking the students to deeper understanding of alignement, core strength and use of Bandhas (Locks) which practising Yoga poses as well as pranayama.

Her class is suitable for all levels, beginners or intermediate studentsl,as she makes divides and gives a separate sequence in the same class if required, benefitting all.

She also specalises in teaching Therpeautic Yoga ( Using Iyenger methodolody)where in people suffering from any health issues,are well addressed as well.

She has been teaching Yoga in various countries apart from India. Has conducted classes, workshops and retreats in Turkey, Hongkong and Dubai.

A well balanced rejuvenating class is what one receives under her guidance.