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Yoga Ashtanga in Business Bay, Downtown Dubai

Team practicing Ashtanga Yoga in Dhyanadubai Center

Ashtanga yoga is a highly-structured style of yoga that uses a set sequence of asanas practiced for five breaths at a time. As the Ashtanga Yoga System progresses, the poses become more challenging, offering a powerful and purifying way to build muscle strength, flexibility and physical and mental endurance.

Literally translated, “Ashtanga” means “eight-limbed yoga.” This refers to the Eight Limbs of Yoga outlined in the Yoga Sutras, a widely-recognized and respected collection of yoga teachings that serves as a “code” of yoga ethics and guidelines for living a mindful, meaningful, healthy life.

Ashtanga yoga can be practiced by yogis of all levels, and is particularly accommodating to newer practitioners. The Ashtanga System places heavy emphasis on being led through the practice, and instructors are specially trained and prepared to personalize the practice for every yogi in the room.

Mysore is a specific sub-style of Ashtanga yoga. In Mysore classes, students practice alone based on where they are in the sequence. Newer Ashtanga yogis might practice the Primary Series alongside more intermediate and advanced practitioners who are further along in the Ashtanga System. The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments & verbal instruction, but does not lead the class as a group.

Ashtanga Yoga at Dhyana Dubai

Ashtanga yoga classes are designed for everybody. From complete beginners to seasoned Ashtanga practitioners, DhyanaDubai Ashtanga yoga classes come in bite-sized, self-guided formats that offer extensive personal attention from the best Ashtanga yoga instructors in the business.

Ashtanga yoga is athletic by nature, but DhyanaDubai instructors ensure you’re only given the kind of curriculum you can handle.


DhyanaDubai Ashtanga yoga classes range from preparatory to advanced, so you can make your Ashtanga experience into an evolution. Start wherever you are progress whenever you’re ready.


We recommend Beginner’s Ashtanga or Ashtanga Prep for anyone who’s never practiced Ashtanga yoga before. From there, DhyanaDubai Mysore classes 1-3 are an excellent way to work your way through the Ashtanga System alongside the intensive instruction of an expertly-trained DhyanaDubai Ashtanga teacher.


Ashtanga Primary Series classes focus on the fundamental set of 41 asanas that serve as the foundation of Ashtanga yoga curriculum. Also known as “Yoga Chikitsa” or “Yoga Therapy,” the Primary Series is said to be deeply healing and purifying and the execution of these 41 poses will be the sole focus of the YogaWorks Ashtanga Primary Series class.