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Ayurveda Self Care Rituals

We all have habits. Big or small, healthy or unhealthy, our habits combine to form our daily routine. We perform these without even thinking. Although we know the importance of good habits, sometimes its just tough to stick to a healthy daily routine.


In this workshop, we will learn different ways to improve our daily routine using the principles of Ayurveda and yoga. We invite you to experiment with your body and then make it a habit. You will discover positive activities that can lead to a healthier and happier life. You will learn effective tools to improve your health, as well as practice gentle yoga asanas, breathing, and meditation.


Adopting the right daily routine for you will re-energize you and help you regain wasted time. Your body will automatically thank you for the extra care you have given it. You will notice a decrease in anxiety and a calmer healthier body, mind and soul.

Charges : AED 100 + VAT

For Registration Call or Msg 0561370042

Facilitator : Dr. Rekha & Yogi Anishka