Meditation in Business Bay, Downtown, Jumeirah, BurDubai, Dubai

Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway

What are your biggest fears?
Are you afraid of what people might think or say about you?
Are you afraid of not meeting expectations?
Are you afraid of failure?
Are you afraid of not fulfilling your dreams?
Are you afraid of getting hurt?
Are you afraid of being alone?
Are you afraid of losing loved ones?

Whatever your fear, here is you chance to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Workshop Description:
Fear is part of our genetic make up. We are human so we have fear. If we did know know fear then we would not know love. But, if we suppress our fear, if we ignore it, it will bubble up into a big ballon that clouds our judgements and gets in the way of your choices. You will live a small life guarded by rules, structures, routines and habits. But do you really want you soul to live in a cage for the rest of your life?

Or do you want to break free and give your soul a chance to use this fear as a force, as a fuel to help propel it forward in life?

Join Shama Kaur from Egypt on this special workshop to dive into fear, to understand, release and transform it into a viture that can carry through towards your destiny Through lecture and discussion you will unravel the many layers of fear that block you from expressing your real self. To release the fear, you will expereince kundalini yoga exercises and meditations to transform unmotivated fear into a motivated fear to help you grow, excel and reach all your heart’s desires, allowing your soul to unfold into the beautiful radiant flower it deserves to be!

“Some people need fear, some people need love, some people need love and fear, but of whom? That is what you have to understand, if you understand fear of Infinity, then you will direct yourself towards fear of Infinity under the complex Infinity then you will become Infinity, it’s a motivated fear they call it. Unmotivated fear is a sickness, is a disease, it will bring you nervous breakdown, it will give you perversion, it will make you slanderer, unmotivated fear will make you greedy.” Yogi Bhajan

What To expect?
– Kundalini Yoga Release Fear & Relax
– Meditation to Creating a Beaming Future
– Deep Relaxation
– Mandala Creation

Teacher: Shama Kaur
Duration: 2 hours
Dates: September 21 & 23
Time: 7 – 9 PM
Charges : 250 + VAT for Single Day
400+ VAT for Both Days

About Shama:
Shama Kaur is Egypt’s first Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer. Her name means ‘the one who shines the light of her inner soul’ She completed her training at the age of 25 at the Kundalini Research Institue in New Mexico, USA in 2012. Ever since, she been teaching kundalini yoga classes, workshops and delivering teacher trainings in Egypt and the Middle East. Her first encounter with yoga came at a time where she was struggling with her mother’s eternal disease and Kundalini Yoga brought her healing. She has a an unquestionable devotion and commitment to spread the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan to all those who are keen to bring healing, awareness and spiritual consciousness in their lives. She has a passion for delivering workshops that combine music, arts, dance, mandala creation, drama, chanting and healing gong baths with Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Shama is also the founder of YallaYoga Center, Egypt’s first academy to deliver professional yoga education and training. A graduate of Business Strategy and Commerce from McGill University Montreal; Shama also holds a Masters degree from King’s College London.