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Kundalini Detox Workshop

✿ Special Kundalini Detox Kriya
✿ Metabolism boosting & emotional cleansing exercises
✿ Mantra to cut through mental blocks
✿ Detox tips and recipes!

A 2-hour workshop is focused on cleansing your body of toxins and your mind of overthinking, which will result in ease, flow of energy, clarity, and lightness in your being. Your soul will be purified!

People gather more thoughts and emotions that they can process – which causes stress, heaviness, and overeating to try to handle these emotions. Metabolism slows down, which affects vitality, hormonal balance, and nervous system.

The workshop consists of a kriya that systematically moves the energy of the body and mind, helps to process unnecessary emotions, removes toxins, strengthens your nervous system for balance and steadiness in life, and is much focused on the digestive area.

We will be chanting a very powerful mantra to cut through mental clutter, brining you back to your truth and feel its ecstasy. Mantra greatly affects the brain and nervous system, creating new neuro pathways in the brain and brings totally fresh energy in your being.

The last part will be about sharing ideas on how to detox your body with green fruits/veggies, and green smoothies and juices. Recipes will be shared, and advice given on how to do a 3-day cleanse. Take a pen and paper with you! ????


The workshop will be led by a Kundalini yoga teacher and intuitive healer Mai who studied yoga in Estonia and energy healing through shamanism, reiki, and Buddhism in Thailand. Having lived in Dubai before, she noticed the need to detox the body more due to the climate and nature (trees, air) conditions, and fresh food availability.
She has been teaching Kundalini yoga in Europe, as well in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Dubai mainly to women, to help them come back to their true nature, feminine power, balance, and joy to create the reality as they deserve and desire!
She gives energy healing sessions with her hands and channels energy to clean body from emotional blockages, and to let in peace, overall well-being, and prosperity on every level of life.


Date : 13th April ‘2019
Time : 13:30 pm
Charges : 250 + VAT