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Best Pilates Equipment in Dubai

A girl practicing Ladder barrel in Dhyana Dubai center

Ladder Barrel in Dubai

It’s difficult to explain the feeling when working on a ladder barrel. But the main use of a ladder barrel is to achieve deep supported stretching and for advanced practitioners to use it to challenge the body! When
stretching on the ladder barrel, even for the tightest of bodies, or those with injuries, it gives a safe, stable and supporting base to work on. The different level bars at the back accommodate for all body shapes and types. For advanced practioners, the curved section of the barrel can be used for certain exercises to challenge and advanced the practice, or for deep and advanced stretching.


The ballet stretches. A series of four exercises, it allows the body to get a stable stretch and really opening up the joints and tight muscles. A mixed feeling between pleasure and pain!

Side Sit Ups. Using the legs as a base, client are able to work the oblique and side muscles in an effective way to build strength without forcing or straining.


Short Box Series. Used by advanced clients to challenge the short box series normally experienced on the reformer on the ladder barrel instead. By reducing the support round the body, the exercise becomes more intensive and challenging.

History of Ladder Barrel Method

Joseph Hubertus Pilates, the creator of the Pilates method, was a beer drinker. Beer was delivered to him in barrels. Once empty, Joe saw an opportunity to play with the beer barrels and its metal rings. He used them to invent a new piece of exercise equipment. The Barrels, Ladder, Spine Corrector and Small Barrel are used in the practice of Pilates to support the flexion and extension of the spine with gravity.

Ladder Barrel - Dhyana dubai


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