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PRANA – Breath of Life

PRANA is the Life Force that permeates everything in the Universe! We too are animated by PRANA – and we often think of ourselves as Energy.

Yogis have studied PRANA in such depth that we further divide it into 5 sub-Pranas in our Body, which affect the way we Think, Feel and Live!

Learn Techniques to raise your PRANA levels through Yogic Breathing (Pranayam) and the various ways to practice Pranayam (Energising, Balancing & Relaxing breathing techniques).

Learn how to use Breath as a MINDFULNESS tool while practicing Dhyaan (Meditation) and also to be Mindful throughout the Day.

This is a 2 hours YOGA ALLIANCE (YACEP) Course designed by Manish Pole, to further your Theoretical & Practical training in PRANAYAM.

MANISH POLE (Yogi & Teacher since over 15 years) lived and studied for 7 years with his Guru; studying Yoga, Kriya & Meditation. In 2010 he co-founded TOTAL YOGA which now has classes taught in INDIA, USA, UK, NZ and here in Dubai.
Read more on PRANA at www.totalyoga.org
19th Jan @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am

RSVP 050 1135332/0561370042
There are only 20 spaces for this workshop.
Please mail director@total-yoga.org or Whatsapp 050 1135332 /0561370042 regarding your own Pranayam Practice so that we can share practices to train you for the Workshop.
Certification Course fee: 159 aed