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PRANA NIDRA (Advanced Yoga Nidra with Prana Work)

PRANA NIDRA is a Tantra & Yoga practice that involves relaxing in Yoga Nidra and then working within Pranamaya Kosha. We become sensitive to the flow of Prana – working between the levels of Body & Mind.


PRANA is the Life Force that permeates everything in the Universe! We too are animated by PRANA – and we often think of ourselves as ENERGY.

YOGIS have studied PRANA in great depth; and our Energetic Anatomy which involves the Chakras and Nadis.

Workshop Key Learnings:

+ The Conscious, sub-Conscious and Unconscious; and how Yoga Nidra works.

+ Understanding and Learning how to relax through the systematic process of Yoga Nidra.

+ Learn about your Pranamaya KOSHA, CHAKRAS & NADI System and the 5 sub-Pranas.

+ Learn how to use PRANA NIDRA to enhance your Prana which is vital in Healing oneself.


This is a 2 hours YOGA ALLIANCE (YACEP) Certification Course for Yogis of all levels and Yoga Teachers – designed and taught by Manish Pole.

MANISH POLE (Yogi & Teacher for over 15 years) lived and studied for 7 years with his Guru; studying Yoga, Kriya & Meditation. In 2010 he co-founded TOTAL YOGA which now has classes taught in INDIA, USA, UK, UAE & NZ.
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There are only 20 spaces for this workshop.
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Certification Course fee: 199 AED