Fig 1. Reformer Pilates: An Every “Body” Workout for a Healthy Mind and Soul Blog Reformer Pilates. Sounds complicated and daunting, right? The chances are that this name you might not ever hear in your life before nor even come across from someone. Now you are interested to know about Reformer Pilates because of so much hype, right? No issues. We understand that. It is a usual drill as a beginner. We recommend the same to every student and our regular clients of Pilates though they are non-beginners. We believe and understand that everyone needs to know everything before just diving in. But we are glad that you chose us to dig out information about something you are not aware of nor ever heard! And we are even happier that you came to our Dhyana Dubai webpage to learn in-depth about Reformer Pilates. We will help you to explain Reformer Pilates in a simple and the best possible way. But before we start, let us assure you that no matter how complex it sounds to hear or say, trust us! It is much simpler than that to learn and perform once you get the basics of Pilates and Reformer Pilates. We, Dhyana Dubai, one of the best Yoga Studio and Pilates Class have always believed and practiced the words- “Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit”- Joseph Pilates, an eminent German physical trainer, has been credited for creating and promoting the Pilates method of physical fitness in the year, 1920. And, believe us, Reformer Pilates is also one such Pilates exercise. Now, what is Pilates? Fig 2. What is Pilates? – Reformer Pilates: An Every “Body” Workout for a Healthy Mind and Soul Blog We know you want to know about it since the start. Now, let us talk about it. Pilates is a method of body workout/exercise that comprises low-impact flexibility, and muscular strength, and endurance movements. Pilates focuses on your proper postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance. So, give a shot to Reformer Pilates to reform your posture, core strength, and muscle and nail it. You are worth it. Pilates also has many variants such as Reformer Pilates, Cadillac Pilates, Mat Pilates, and Ladder Barrel. Off course! Each variant of Pilates has its specifications, techniques, and benefits. Therefore, you can take advantage of different choices. So, pick one according to your body requirements, and start rolling! Need help or got confused? Not to worry; our Pilates instructors of Dhyana Dubai are here to help you. They will guide and help you to choose the best Pilates techniques suitable to you and your body. Now, moving on, let us explain the second important part of the subject – Reformer Pilates. That is the main reason why you have come here, right? So let us kick-off with the basics first: What is Reformer Pilates? If you are looking for Pilates to strengthen, balance, lengthen, and tone, then for sure, go for Reformer Pilates. In other words, Reformer Pilates is one whole kind of package. Reformer Pilates helps to tone your muscles and strengthens them in a double-quick time; you will surely feel the experience once you are here. That is our promise to you. In short, you can say that Reformer Pilates is for improving your strength. Looking at the Reformer Pilates apparatus, you might feel complicated. But do not worry; it is not that hard to operate as it looks. They are just meant for asserting more control and get quick and impressive outcomes. You too will notice that and feel the difference. Hence, Joseph Pilates rightly said, “Developing minor muscles naturally helps to strengthen major muscles.How Reformer Pilates apparatus is used? A Reformer Pilates apparatus is a bed-like frame with a flat platform that moves back and forth with the help of wheels. The platform which is known as the carriage is attached to one end of the reformer through a set of springs. These springs help you to regulate resistance to the carriage which is pushed and pulled along the frame through your body weight and strength. The shoulder blocks are placed on the carriage for keeping you in a stable position so that you do not tumble off of the end of the reformer. To hold the springs of the Reformer Pilates apparatus, there is an adjustable bar and a footbar at the end of the reformer. Depending on the exercise, your feet and hands are placed on this footbar. Reformers Pilates apparatus have long straps with handles on them at the top of the frame opposite of the footbar can also be used to place your hands or feet. The springs are adaptable to change both the footbar and the handles, to transform the workout for other skill levels and body forms. And these reformers have also been used by the dancers for practice and recovery from any injuries. What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates? At Dhyana Dubai, many students come to Reformer Pilates class for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Research has also proved that Reformer Pilates improves body awareness, spinal and pelvic alignment that helps to conduct exercises without any stress on your muscles and joints. Pilates has also proven helpful for the treatment of hamstring and groin strains. It also manages and prevents lower back pain. Reformer Pilates is very significant to: • Strengthen major muscle groups • Improve tone and help in weight loss • Build core strength • Increase flexibility and range of motion • Improve balance and stability • Calm and focus the mind Can Reformer Pilates calm your mind? Fig 3. Calm and Focused Mind – Reformer Pilates: An Every “Body” Workout for a Healthy Mind and Soul Blog Yes, Reformer Pilates can help to calm your mind. It can relieve and help you improve memory, the good old endorphin kick, healing anxiety and depression, and training the brain. Are Reformer Pilates workouts safe to perform during pregnancy? Reformer Pilates is very ideal for pregnant women as they include core strength, pelvic floor, and posture strengthening exercises. Performing Reformer Pilates during pregnancy days means your body will quickly bounce back after your baby delivery. If you are pregnant, then please inform us and let us know if in case you need any help. Your every concern is our priority. What is the best way to learn Reformer Pilates? According to Dhyana Dubai, the best method of learning Reformer Pilates is learning through someone’s private instruction. You may also enroll yourself in a class. The chances are that later you may also buy a Pilates home reformer once you learn and begin to understand the techniques of Pilates exercise. It is a practical way. Attending class with a live instructor can also allow you to take up Reformer Pilates virtual class everywhere, anytime. Speaking of Reformer Pilates Classes and the Pilates classes, Dhyana Dubai has a wide range of classes that are based on the focus and the level or the class with skilled and dedicated instructors who are trained at some of the world’s prestigious Yoga and Pilates schools hailing from all over the world. Dhyana Dubai has divided them into three levels and each level is designed considering every student and client’s inner strength. Let us share some details about it: Fig 4. Pilates Group Class – Reformer Pilates: An Every “Body” Workout for a Healthy Mind and Soul Blog • Beginners: At this stage, Dhyana Dubai focuses only on the safety of students/clients. Secondly, at this level, we want to make it familiar and very comfortable to our every client and student with the Pilates equipment of Dhyana Yoga and the moves of Pilates. Therefore, we do not rush with them and keep a steady teaching pace. Whether you enroll yourself with Dhyana Dubai’s Pilates Classes in private or in the Pilates group class, our Pilates instructors focus on your form and alignment to strengthen your Pilates fundamentals. • Intermediate: Intermediate level of the Pilates exercises is many and different from the beginner’s level of the Pilates workouts. At this level, your skills achieved at the foundation level or beginner’s level are incorporated with focus, repetition, and consistency to achieve your workout progress. At the intermediate level, your balance will be tested by our focussed Pilates instructors through several body positions and inclination to the Pilatus apparatus. • Advanced: At this stage, our instructors are rigid. So you will need to be the most disciplined to overcome all the challenges. For sure, you will not feel and get advanced at one go, it will take a considerate number of years of practice to make you feel proficient. And, also, at every stage, our Pilates instructors will analyze and create a program that matches your flaws, goals, and concerns. Our primary objective is to help our students and every client- in building strength, flexibility, awareness, and balance. Thus, the modifications and variations made by our Pilates teachers for each exercise of Reformer Pilates will help to make the work accessible for everyone and even to those who have just completed their physical therapy program and to those clients that want to overcome and push their limitations every single time. Fig 5. Flexibility – Reformer Pilates: An Every “Body” Workout for a Healthy Mind and Soul Blog We also offer our support to prenatal and postnatal clients, golfers, dancers, teens, and professional athletes to supplement their practice. And, suppose you are recovering from an injury, our Reformer Pilates instructors can design your program according to your needs. So, Dhyana Dubai has extensive private training for your personalized workouts. You may also choose the type of private training here at your convenience. • Semi-private Pilates class • Group Pilates class or Pilates group class According to Dhyana Dubai, Semi-private Pilates training is perfect for those couples or groups of friends who are in need to learn with personal attention more than in a group class environment or to accomplish specific objectives and goals for training. We schedule our every client’s semi-Pilates lessons according to their convenience and also offer them additional savings over private training. Such type of training sessions will also help to give and receive encouragement from your partner too. In semi-private Pilates training sessions, Pilates is performed on reformers/towers, stability chairs and are advanced with a variety of other small props like resistance bands, stability balls, fitness circles, and free weights to create variety and challenges. Dhyana Dubai also recommends the group Pilates class or Pilates group class only to those clients who have some Pilates experience. We place our client’s safety at our topmost priority. Hence, we give 3-5 private sessions to those who have never done Pilates in life to make them familiar and comfortable with the equipment in the studio and the Pilates basic moves. The Pilates group class at Dhyana Dubai offers a wide range of classes based on the focus and level of the class such as beginner and intermediate classes, classes for all levels, classes that focus on glutes, arms, and abs, prenatal classes, classical Pilates, Pilates flow mat and reformers classes. To make every student and client’s Pilates group class sessions enjoyable and memorable, we have equipped our Dhyana studio with reformers and towers, wunda Pilates chairs, spine correctors, and a wide variety of props like fitness circles, light-weighted, free weights, flex bands and resistance bands for the buddy and legs. The Pilates group class instructors at Dhyana Dubai aim at working on your special areas like upper body, lower body, trunk, and spine, and focuses specific muscles till the appropriate challenge is accomplished. So, we have designed our Pilates workout program according to the stages of the Pilates classes. Our Pilates group class has never had more than 4 students at any session. So, during the Pilates group class small sessions at Dhyana Dubai, our Pilates instructors focus on each student/client individually and correct each student/client’s form. Along with the Pilates group class of Reformer Pilates, you can also take advantage of the Mat Pilates for building even better core strength, flexibility, long lean muscles, a healthy back, and improved body consciousness. So upholding the vision of Joseph Pilates, we believe that every form of Pilates is for every body type, which eases your mind and calms your soul. Reformer Pilates training sessions of 55 minutes in Dhyana Dubai’s Pilates group class studio is the perfect way to experience Pilates. So, come and sign up for Dhyana Dubai and reserve your Pilates class today!