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A girl doing reformer pilates in Dhyanadubai Center

Reformer Pilates in Dubai

Reformer Pilates. It’s the exercise of choice for those looking to strengthen, balance, lengthen and tone.

Reformer Pilates was invented by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates. The practice is on a bed-like frame that uses different weighted spring combinations to create resistance when we move the carriage back and forth.

Using a reformer bed means you can target those small muscle groups, which helps to form long, lean muscles. You can do more exercises than what’s possible on the mat and have a play with a wide range of movements – from sitting and lying on your back or side to balancing on your knees and using your feet.

It’s possible to get the exact same results from mat Pilates and reformer Pilates. The discipline was designed to build up strength in your body’s powerhouse or core. But if you’re looking for quicker results and more variation in class, reformers are the way to go.

The benefits of reformer Pilates

Many students come to reformer Pilates for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Research shows the practice improve body awareness and spinal and pelvic alignment, which helps us to perform exercises without placing unnecessary stress on our muscles and joints.

Pilates has also been proven to help with treating hamstring and groin strains, and it’s also effective to manage and prevent lower back pain.

The practice has been found to:

  • Strengthen major muscle groups
  • Improve tone and assist in weight loss
  • Build core strength
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve balance and stability
  • Calm and focus the mind
A girl practicing Reformer Pilates at Dhyanadubai Center in Dubai