Yoga Jumeirah is just one of the ways or mediums to achieve the ultimate goal of health, well-being, and finally the movement from one plane of consciousness to another. Some people are of the view that Yoga is a tool for a better way of life. It has many interpretations, but for a general understanding, Yoga is a ‘union’ that translates into grounding and centering practices. The theory of Yoga somehow is put exactly into practice. This is what ultimate union looks like. The purpose of Yoga and Pilates for beginners remains at one level the same. It sparks an inner flame and cleanses the mind, body, and soul. The difference lies in how the goals are practiced. The focus of both Yoga and Pilates- in the broad scope of the terms- may differ firstly in terms of the definition of both. The other factors may depend on the instructor, their level of training, their skill set, and their capabilities. The individual experience also has a corresponding social effect in the practice of Yoga. Yoga Jumeirah is an entire community in itself, a symbol of the inner and the subsequent external bliss that is limited to the experience realm. Yoga is, on the other hand, the unquantifiable realm, the spiritual awakening of the Self. There is another extreme view that a more self-realized person would be in tune with; for the simple reason that they have knowledge and experience of this kind of world. They are more sensitive and on a different kind of journey than other people. Yoga and Pilates for beginners is surely a positive step towards a calmer, more controlled way of living. Kundalini Yoga is seen as an energizing, and transformative type of yoga; to produce full-body awareness.

1. Kundalini Yoga

Yoga in its essence is a ‘union’. This union serves a unique purpose of helping with the de-cluttering of the mind and to some extent the body as well. It provides a space for ‘just being’. You can only ‘just be’ when you remove all forms and levels of distractions. This has a philosophical connotation as well. The scope of this blog is too general for me to delve deep into the philosophical considerations. To explain it briefly, it means to stay in the moment, be aware, and present with what goes on in the body. Another layer that this type of yoga also subscribes to is, when you see; or use your ‘Darshana’- Yoga Darshana is ‘a process of ‘seeing through yoga’.

This seeing is not just limited to our worldly sensations; it doesn’t mean seeing with the eyes, nor seeing with any other senses in the outside world. What it means is, to see something beyond the senses and beyond the mind. Yoga Darshana is a method of higher perception- to see the invisible, the spiritual, and that level of enlightened insight. There is no separation in the ‘union’; the spirit, the mind, and the body have to be balanced. Kundalini Yoga Jumeirah includes breathing techniques, combined with the various postures/asanas, and the chanting of mantras. It can be done by all persons, there is no need to be flexible or even fit; moreover, no prior experience for this is required, to achieve results in the first class itself. This isn’t to say that there shouldn’t be any mobility, but the mobility that is required here is to a different degree. Any person can tailor the posture practice or the entire Kundalini Yoga practice, they can adapt it suitably to their own needs. The capacity of each person is different; the trainer or the yoga instructor should be cognizant of this before training an individual, or a group of people. The onus also falls on the learner to make an informed decision about the instructor they want the training from.
2. Hatha Yoga
Yoga Jumeirah, and especially the practice of Hatha Yoga is beneficial if a person starts very young. A child can even practice Hatha Yoga and see the results of the practice play out in their lives. Children are self-controlled if they practice this style of Yoga. Their physical health also is energized, their endocrinal functions are regulated and this is visible in their outward behaviours. They then become less prone to extreme changes in behaviour.
Yoga and Pilates for beginners are both essential if children want to grow up and be able to be fully functional human beings. You can learn a lot about yourself; not everything is internalized in these practices. This is the aspect that is misunderstood by some. Only if you internalize certain traits, will you be able to project them outwardly. All this starts at a young age, the behaviours have to be conditioned at that age with the proper nourishment of the mind and the body in turn. The practice of Hatha Yoga Jumeirah has countless health benefits. The ‘Maha Bandam’ mudra helps stretch our hands and legs. The ‘Brama Mudra’ is a mudra that is practiced along with the sitting Vajarasan posture. It is beneficial for improving the stretch in the lower portion of the body for all persons.

3. Pilates
Yoga and Pilates for beginners at Yoga Jumeirah is a blessing in disguise. The inherent philosophy of these exclusive Pilates studios or the combined Yoga and Pilates studios is that it enriches one’s life and rejuvenates the human being; and also, that physical activity should be a reward that we give to ourselves, and this reward-giving system shouldn’t be done or viewed as a chore. In Yoga Jumeirah, there are certain postures, pranayama techniques that have a direct impact on physical health. Hatha Yoga prevents cold, to be specific. There are certain mudras and postures that help in better breathing and the scientific practice of Pranayama practice. Pilates is defined as a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength, as well as endurance movements. Yoga and Pilates for beginners run on the assumption that the persons who are practicing both have a basic level of mobility that is either inherent or developed by the individuals. In tune with the modern lifestyle and the present generation, there is so much variety and moving away from the monotony. It is with reference to my above statement that many people and groups have adopted differences in Yoga and Pilates for beginners. Yoga Jumeirah and other such newly-renovated, advanced studios and persons take this upon themselves for teaching and learning purposes. It broadens horizons, in all the senses.
From introducing sunset yoga on the beach to the asanas in the open desert pavilion, yoga experiences encompass and aid in one’s journey of awakening and self-realization. For thousands of years, this ancient art of yoga has been practiced to enhance the body’s strength, posture, and alignment. But now, the experience is changing and most importantly people are becoming more aware and alert to their lives. This way, you stay true to yourself, you discover your core, serenity within, and maybe if you are lucky to the bottom of your soul to the real essence of your being!