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A girl practicing cadillac pilates in dhyanadubai center

Cadillac Pilates in Dubai

At first glance, the Cadillac and all of its glorious parts
and configurations can look a little intimidating.  Fully loaded with leg,
arm springs, push through, and a roll back bars, you will never run out of 
exercise possibilities.  The Pilates Cadillac is different from the
Wall-Unit because of the canopy top that allows you to do advanced moves like inversions and cool acrobatic tricks. Whether you want to receive a one on one rehab session or just get a euphoric back stretch, the Cadillac has something for everyone.

The Pilates Cadillac is a great place to practice reformer exercises like coordination, rowing, short box, dead bug and more.  The challenge coming from the springs on the Cadillac is much different than the reformer.  Many of the movements help clients achieve gorgeous, lean, muscular tone for arms and lengthen hamstrings without putting pressure directly on the legs. This helps clients feel the exercises differently and connect to their powerhouse leading them to perform better on the reformer.

What is Cadillac Pilates and History

The Pilates Cadillac is a piece of equipment that most closely represents that of a bed with a frame. It takes our classic Mat and adds the springs for support and challenge. The trapeze table was developed in the mid 50’s or early 60’s. Joseph Pilates, the creator of the Pilates method, made all of his creations in the basement of his building. When he brought it up into the studio, one client saw the table and said “Hey Joe, is that your new Cadillac?” and the name stuck. Joe possibly got the idea of this table after working with Eve Gentry, one of his clients, in the hospital after her mastectomy. Another theory is that the trapeze came from his father’s days as an amateur gymnast or his original gymnastic clientele. Exercises on the Cadillac help to develop gorgeous lean muscles and improve blood flow and circulation.

A Girl doing cadillac pilates in dhyanadubai center


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