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Highlights of the course:

Teaching Methodology and Practicum

Anatomy, Physiology, Philosophy, and Ethics

Pranayama, Meditation and other traditional techniques

Lead community classes

In-depth learning of principles and their practices

Exclusive yoga classes

Eligibility to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion

Daily healthy nutritious snacks and drinks

Lecture room and yoga room overlooking the Burj Khalifa

Skill level:




Yoga styles




Ashtanga Vinyasa

Yoga with Alignment

Restorative Yoga


This 200-hour program provides everything you need to achieve knowledge in yoga philosophy, specified functional anatomy, wisdom, mantras, meditation techniques, pranayamas, mudras, bandhas, posture alignment, advanced practices of backbends, inversions and flow, yoga props, detailed study of Patanjali Yoga sutras, purification, cleansing, nutrition, health management, principles with the methodology of teaching, yoga professional guidelines, classroom ethics and learn how to share the gift of yoga with teaching. 

This training is intensive. Every day you are challenged in a safe environment. You develop strength, flexibility, mobility, and inner vigor at a very rapid pace. Within a few weeks, you start feeling transformed and find yourself doing things that were once only future goals. Irrespective of the intense nature of our course, we advocate gentleness and injury-free practice.

In our training, we provide an environment which promises to give you a series of experience that is empowering, invigorating, purifying, healing, and calming. This time you spend in your training acts as a mutation period of your consciousness, which results in building a more positive perspective about life and all that is.

Lead Teacher:

Anand Shekhar is one of the authentic and inspiring yoga teachers in Dubai. He is an E-RYT®️ 500, YACEP Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, and the founder of Anand Shekhar Yoga School in India. 

Anand has been a student of yoga, spirituality and has been teaching yoga and a holistic lifestyle for almost eight years until today. He has imparted his yogic teachings and spiritual knowledge to one and many across cities like; Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Patna, Dharamshala, and for the last five years in Dubai. He is also a meditation facilitator and an impactful life-coach. He’s driven with the soul-intention of bringing the shift in human consciousness. He feels that the time has come when the awakening of man is more important than the advancement of technology.

Course curriculum:

Techniques, Training, Practice


Pranayama & Subtle Body


Anatomy and Physiology




Yoga Humanities:




Professional Essentials

Teaching Methodology

Professional Development

Practicum (Practice Teaching)

Note: Assignments and research work will not be done during classroom hours.



September 26 – November 25, 2021 

Days of Training:

Sunday, Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Training Time:

From 10:30 AM – 02:30 PM


• Early Bird Price = 9,500 AED  + VAT (until August 20, 2021)

• Full Price = 10,000 AED + VAT

Fees Include:

• 200HR Yoga Teacher Training

 Cancellation Policy:

• Booking deposits are non-refundable.

• Please settle the outstanding balance on the first day of the training.

– Nine weeks of weekday training with instruction in English

– The lead instructor also speaks Hindi 

– Group size: Maximum of 10 Participants

– If you are not in Dubai, we recommend that you arrive one day before the training date.

DhyanaDubai Yoga Classes

What is Yoga ?

Yoga was developed thousands of years ago in India as a comprehensive system for wellbeing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. While Yoga is often equated with Hatha Yoga, the well-known method of postures and breathing techniques, Hatha Yoga is only a part of the overall discipline of Yoga.
Today, millions of people use various aspects of Yoga to help raise their quality of life in such diverse areas as fitness, stress relief, wellness, vitality, mental clarity, healing, peace of mind and spiritual growth. The word “yoga” essentially means, “that which brings you to reality”. It means “union.” Union means it brings you to the ultimate reality, where individual manifestations of life are surface bubbles in the process of creation.
Yoga means to move towards an experiential reality where one knows the ultimate nature of the existence, the way it is made.

The Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength. About everyone can do it, too — it’s not just for people who can touch their toes or want to meditate.
Some types of Yoga are about relaxation. In others, you move more. Most models focus on learning poses, called asanas. They also usually include attention to breathing.
Here’s a list of some of the most beneficial aspects of Yoga:

  • It increases endurance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Mental endurance and physical stamina are tested through holding postures for extended breaths.
  • Arm and shoulder strength is increased as you use your own bodyweight for resistance.
  • Lats, traps, and other back muscles begin to support the spine better than before.
  • Abdominals and obliques are refined and toned by building core muscles.
  • Posture begins to correct itself over time.
  • Hip flexors are stretched and strengthened.
  • Glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves are strengthened.



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